5 FB Ads Automation Tools You Might Want To Use

Automation takes away the stress of checking your ads day in day out. It makes work easy and lets you work less on your ads. There are a number of AI automation tools that will help you save time and money when running Facebook ads. When properly deployed, automation will allow you to scale your campaigns without needing to micromanage everything – helping you achieve the freedom you desire. Here are some 5 FB ads automation tools you might want to use:

1. Zalster: Facebook Ads Automation Platform for eCommerce. With this software, you can combine machine learning software and human expertise to reach your eCommerce marketing goals with Facebook and Instagram ads. It is Best For Advertisers and agencies using Facebook, Instagram, and Google to market their brand and sell their products or services. It comes with a FREE trial and the price starts at $39.00/month Monthly fee is based on monthly ad spend. The average price is 2%.

2. Reveal Bot: With this software, you can automate all your ad management strategies for Facebook, Google, and Snapchat Ads in a single interface. You can use reveal bot to automate your scaling process. There is a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $99/mo

3. Trapica: Trapica leverages artificial intelligence to optimize targeting decisions in advertising campaigns as they run. Less work, more AI automation. Take your ads to the next level by automating targeting, bidding, scale, and creative A/B testing on all of your campaigns. Allow your team to focus on the overall marketing strategy, instead of being stuck spending time playing a guessing game for what changes to make manually.

4. Qwaya: Qwaya is a technology company focused on building tools for social media marketing. We are specialists in Facebook marketing and have assembled a world-class team with extensive experience. Our goal is to build a sophisticated tool with powerful features that is easy to use, affordable, and accessible to a wide range of advertisers and agencies worldwide. its one of the top platforms for creating Facebook advertising campaigns, Qwaya is the perfect solution for media marketing experts. Flat fee pricing. No charge on spend. Starting at $149/month

5. AdExpresso: This software offers One solution, all the advertising channels you need – less time spent switching from one Ads Manager to the other, more time making money. AdEspresso is a Facebook Ads tool that makes ad creation and optimization easier and faster compared to the Power Editor. Since it was founded in 2011, it has grown to become a Facebook advertising partner and a preferred marketing tool for brands all over the world. With the platform, users can create Facebook and Instagram Ads right through the interface, which syncs with your pre-existing Facebook Ad accounts. It can even import active campaigns. Pricing starts $59 /month(billed annually). There is a 14-day trial.

There is a lot of software to use to automate your ads and we cannot name all of them! If you know more, share them in the comments.

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