6 Shopify Apps Worth Installing - Part 1

Apps, apps, We cannot have enough of them. Every day there are thousands of new apps released on the Shopify app store. It is hard to say this is the best app but we will be posting worthy apps from time to time. So let us begin with the first 5 in this series

1. SMS Notifications with Abandon Cart Recovery

This app is ideal for sending notifications and cart recovery via text. it is not free but you can buy credits. I have used it personally and it is worth it. You can send SMS alerts to more than 220 countries worldwide. Notify your customers about Account creation, Order creation, Order fulfilled, In-Transit, Out of delivery, Order canceled, Order refund abandoned orders and many more.

SMS communication has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order, such as a message confirming the correct course of a transaction or message about the delivery time of orders. SMS is the fastest communication with your customers and savings for the company due to reduced costs associated with undelivered shipments.

2. Zoorix: Upsell & Cross Sell

This is one of the free cross-sell upsell apps out there! it is worth a try because it is free. It is relatively new so you might not see any reviews.

Consumers appreciate quality product recommendations as they get the new value that they haven't thought about. This is translated to more sales and better conversation rates on the store owner side. In general, quality product recommendations can increase conversation rates up to 25%.

3. EasyClip: Post Checkout Videos

This is an innovate app and it makes your site more interactive. Say thank you to your customers with you with a video on your order confirmation page. After your customer finishes their purchase with you, show them a video saying thank you.

Acknowledge that they are special to your business and that their satisfaction with your products is paramount. A thank you video gives you the opportunity to express your connection with the customer and inspire brand loyalty for future repurchases with your business.

4. HelpCenter - Build an Attractive FAQs Page

FAQs page is very important on every website! You should have one on your website.

The most effective way answer to your customer’s questions is to allow them find the answers themselves. Professionally built, easy to use, content-rich FAQ page leads to much happier customers, fewer phone calls and emails, saved support team time and - growing sales! Help Center app will help you to achieve this.

5. Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell [ $9.99/month. 14-day free trial ]

This is also a good upsell app out there! i like this one because it shows the upsell to BUYERS! It does not disturb the customer during the checkout process! the upsell comes as soon as they complete their offer! Here is a look a the dashboard and how it appears after checkout


  1. Create an offer with customizable text font, style, size, color, etc

  2. Add a discount code to your offer

  3. Add products to the offer

  4. Exclude products that were already added to the order

  5. Preview the offer before going live to your store

  6. Dashboard for the clicks on the products and generated revenue through the app

  7. A detailed list of the orders created through the app

  8. Pause the app anytime

  9. And much more in upcoming versions.

6. Page Speed Booster

If you are looking to boost your page loading speed! This is the app to go! The app works wonders and boosts your page speed in seconds! Try it out

That's is for this week! We will be posting the next 6 in the next part! Love some apps on Shopify? comment below


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