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FBY-OJMD Fulfillment Only Service

Fulfillment is a crucial part of every eCommerce store. Our customers want to get their products as fast as possible and the faster we deliver to them the happier they are. Dropshipping is a fulfillment service where you don't have to be involved from sourcing to delivery of your goods! Another aspect of this is semi-fulfillment.

Semi fulfillment is a process where you are actually involved. In this case, the seller or the owner of the store will source the items and send it to a fulfillment center for fulfillment. OJMD currently offers this service to everyone right now! You can use OJMD as a "fulfillment ONLY" service. The "fulfillment only" service is a good offer for those who can source their items but do not want to fulfill it themselves.

Where can you source items? Our "fulfillment only" service works with any LOCAL supplier or any importing service in the Philippines. Some of them are StratQuad, ImportWise or seller gateway. If you sourced your products through them, You can have them send your stocks to us. You can also find a supplier from Shopee and have them ship directly to us.

How does it work? It is really simple with OJMD.

  1. Prepare your stocks: Get your stocks ready and pack them and take note of the quantity and dimension of your boxes.

  2. Fill the FBY form: Next step is to fill in the FBY OJMD form. This form is used to request fulfillment only service from OJMD. Once you fill the form and provide the needed information. OJMD will contact you after we have received your request. You will be given the FBY terms and conditions for your signing before proceeding. Click here to fill the form

  3. Schedule Delivery: After your request has been accepted. You can now schedule delivery of your goods to the OJMD warehouse assigned to you

  4. Storage Fees: OJMD charges a storage fee per month for storing your goods as well while fulfilling your orders. You will be asked to pay for the storage fees once we have received your goods

  5. Barcoding & SKU: OJMD will now barcode your items for you and issue you your own custom SKUs for your products.

  6. List Items: Now you can add products to your store and install the OJMD app to have a good view of your business.

Our process is straightforward and streamlined to help your business grow. OJMD will also charge the fees necessary. Our fees are as follows

  • Warehouse Storage fee = ₱1,250 / Month

  • OJMD Fulfillment fee = ₱99 per order

  • Shipping fee - [ Charged by the courier ]

  • COD fee = [ Charged by the courier ]

  • Insurance fee = 1%

  • OJMD 3.0 Vibranium subscription

Remittance: The remittance schedule will still follow the normal schedule. Your first remittance is 2-3 weeks after the first order is delivered. Payout will now be weekly after the first one

RTS: OJMD will handle your rts. Your RTS will be stored at our warehouse and will be reused on your next order if another customer orders the same item. You will be able to view the report on your dashboard.

WARRANTY: OJMD offered 7 days free replacement warranty. However, since it is your stocks. You can let us know if you will be offering a warranty for the item that we have in storage for you.

If you have other questions please contact us! Ready to get started? REQUEST FBY

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