OJMD Acquires Mr. Fulfill & Partner Warehouses

OJMD solutions have now finalized the acquisition process of Mr. Fulfill Philippines to aid its fulfillment services. Before launching OJMD Vibranium, OJMD accepts clients who wish to use its fulfillment system but not drop-shipping - these clients are required to send their stocks to OJMD. This service was suspended after the Vibranium was launch to give more focus to its own clients.

OJMD plans to resume that service soon and the acquisition of Mr fulfill will aid that. What is Mr fulfill? It is an automated fulfillment software that is built to assist entrepreneurs who keep inventory for themselves but would like to fulfill their orders via a fulfillment center. Mr fulfill will enable this process automatically. It will connect platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopee, Lazada, FB Page, Chatbots. This means anyone selling online can use automated fulfillment software.

Mr fulfill will also offer warehousing nationwide with warehouses located in Bulacan, Rizal, and Metro Manila. This means that it can support clients who would like to avail of its warehousing and fulfillment services. Mr fulfill will also support next day delivery and same-day delivery for its clients.

OJMD technology will take over the app and will commence development from November 15, 2020. Mr fulfill will be launched by December 2020 for Shopify and WooCommerce and 2021 for Shopee and Lazada.

Mr fulfill will become the 5th app or plugin released by OJMD following OJMD Dropshipping for Shopify and WooCommerce, Order Sentry, Cart Sentry apps.


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