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OJMD China Forwarding Service

Importing from China to the Philippines can be hard and stressful especially when dealing with customs and clearance upon arrival in the Philippines. OJMD china forwarding service is a new service we launched to help you import products from China in case you have your own supplier.

Who is this for?

This service is for you if you have a supplier in China but you are having a hard time sending the products to the Philippines. OJMD can help you import those items by having them sent to our Chinese warehouse.

How to use the OJMD China forwarding service: It is simple and straight forward for everyone to understand. I will explain how to do this in simple steps.

  1. Find a supplier and agree on terms: Our forwarding service is only for those who have their own supplier. So before you use this, you must have agreed on terms with your supplier.

  2. Get the item specifications: Ask your supplier for the item weight, dimensions, and other specifications to have an idea about the products.

  3. Send the item to our warehouse: Next is to send the items to our warehouse. You can tell your supplier to ship the item to your forwarder in China and fill up the forwarding sheet. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Your supplier may ship the items to the address below:

In Chinese:

C/O OJMD Dropshipping Philippines

[Your Name]

广州市荔湾区流花路西郊大厦A806 黄碧帆 18922735432

In English:

C/O OJMD Dropshipping Philippines

[Your Name]

A806, Xijiao Building, Liuhua Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City Huang Bifan 18922735432

Once your supplier has shipped to our address in China, OJMD will now begin the importation of your items to the Philippines. Your item will arrive in OJMD Hub 2 warehouse located in Cainta, Rizal, and will now be shipped out to you.

4. Pay the fees: OJMD will charge 50% of the shipping fees and a 3% service fee for your item. The other 50% may be paid upon arrival in the Philippines. Once payment is sent please send the proof of payment alongside your forwarding sheet to the email above.

Payments can be made at:




** Proof of payment to be sent to helpdesk@dropshipojmd.com.

Shipping Fees

Our shipping fee from China will depend on the weight of the item. We can ship via sea or air depending on the kind of item you are sending us.

Sea: ₱950/KG Via Sea + 3% Service charge

Aie: ₱1,100/KG Via Sea + 3% Service charge

** Shipping via air is not available for all items. We will let you know if your item can be shipped via air or sea.

After the supplier sends the item to our warehouse, Please ask for a proof of shipment from the supplier and a photo of the item. Collect this information and send it to us alongside the forwarding sheet to helpdesk@dropshipojmd.com. Please be reminded that failure to send us the forwarding sheet and photos of your package, We may not identify your packages! it is important you send this to us so we do not miss it out. Also, include your proof of payment in your email

5. Get your item: You may now collect your item via a courier if you are doing your own self-fulfillment. If the item will be fulfilled by OJMD, it will be kept in the Cainta warehouse.

If you have any questions please email us at helpdesk@dropshipojmd.com

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