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OJMD Philippines Cash On Delivery Dropshipping Guide - 2020 Update

Updated: Feb 7

Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start a business online. It is also one of the trendy ways to become an entrepreneur. As easy as it is, dropshipping is not available in some countries or the potential is restricted. In the Philippines, we cannot drop ship from Aliexpress because of shipping problems and we do not have the e-packet facility and we cannot offer CASH ON DELIVERY TOO. That is a big challenge because not everyone has the ability to stock products first. That is where we come in with our 100% dropshipping service

Before you can dropship locally, You need a local store. We prefer working with Shopify. You can create your own store or you can purchase a dropshipping store from OJMD Exchange.

So what is OJMD Dropshipping Service? - Simply put it is a drop shipping service in the Philippines. The aim is to make it easier for more people to start eCom without worrying about stocks. Now with our fulfillment service, We offer complete dropshipping service, Semi-automated.

OJMD is not a software, We are a team of dedicated people ready to help you build your business, It is made up of most Filipinos, so you can rest assured you are in good hands. Why should you use OJMD? Well, there are two reasons. One is if you are a newbie and you do not know how to start of how to find products to sell, suppliers and how to offer COD nationwide, then this solution is for you. You can easily run a business no matter where you are in the Philippines.

We have lots of products from different suppliers in the Philippines ready to offer you a drop shipping service. All our products are listed on eCom Product Buddy. What is eCom Product Buddy? It is a curation of newly discovered items in the market that has the potential of selling. The good thing about ecom Product Buddy is that you will not have to find winning items, Everything has been done for you


  1. You must be at least 18 years old

  2. A Valid govt.ID

  3. eCom Product Buddy PRO Account - ₱ 750/ Month

  4. Have a bank account ( Highly Recommended )

  5. Have a Shopify store

If you do not have a store, You can create your own store on Shopify or You Can Buy a Dropshipping Store From Us - Ready To Go by clicking HERE


Simply put we fulfill your orders once it comes in. Once you add our products to your store and start running ads. A customer places an order on your site. We pack the order and ship it for you via COD nationwide. When the order is delivered, We remit your money to your account.


1. DOWNLOAD THE DROPSHIPPING AGREEMENT: The client agreement will explain everything you need to know before you start dropshipping with OJMD. Please make sure you download this before you start dropshipping with OJMD. This document must be scanned and sent back to us at [ partners@ojmdsolutions.com ]! IT IS REQUIRED! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

2. CREATE OJMD DROPSHIPPING ACCOUNT If you are interested to use our fulfillment center, You should have a store or you purchased a store from us, Once you sign up on the dashboard, You will be able to monitor your dropshipping activity! Click here to sign up now


You need to set up what we call, Custom fulfillment settings for your store. This means Shopify will authenticate us as your custom dropshipping fulfillment service. To do this, follow these steps

  1. Open Shopify admin

  2. Open shipping

  3. Scroll to custom fulfillment service

  • Name OJMD Dropshipping,

  • Email is - support@ojmdsolutions.com

4. CREATE YOUR ECOM PRODUCT BUDDY ACCOUNT: Now, the next step is to add products from Ecomproduct buddy! You can visit https://www.ecomproductbuddy.com. A Pro account is P750/Monthly Payment. You will be charged monthly for this subscription until it is canceled. Once canceled, You will not be able to use the app anymore. If you have existing orders, it will be fulfilled but you will not be able to update your price in case there are changes in product costs.

Ecom buddy pro is needed to see all product information. Ecom product buddy is free to use on a free account. You can browse the products that we have listed there in case you wish to see items that we have for dropshipping. If you wish to see the full details such as price and product analytics, you can upgrade your account to ecom product buddy pro.

All products from ecomproductbuddy can be drop-shipped by OJMD. If you have your own stocks, You can send it to OJMD warehouse for fulfillment. Please note that if you have your own supplier or you are using the FBY-OJMD service, You do not need to subscribe to ecom buddy since your product is sent to us via your supplier.

Ecom product buddy has free and PREMIUM. The free version can view products. The pro versions can view product analytics including FB ads analytics and videos for ads and pricing!

5. INSTALL THE OJMD DROPSHIPPING APP: Every OJMD dropshipper is required to have the app installed on their Shopify store. The app helps us fulfill orders, it connects to your dropshipping dashboard and it helps you import products and other things.

Watch the video below to see how to add products from Ecom Product Buddy. Install the ecom product buddy app and add products to your store. Below is a photo of how the app looks and also a video on how you can install it to your store. Please note that anyone can install the app, However only Ecom Product Buddy PRO users can actually use the app!


6. STORE REVIEW REQUEST: Activating your store means that you will let us know when you are done creating your store. To do that. You need to follow the instructions at the end of the onboarding video. Send your details to partners@ojmdsolutions.com. You do not need to wait for a reply when you send this email. it is just a notification for us.

You may use the following template below:


Email to - partners@ojmdsolutions.com

Name - Store URL - ( use your Shopify URL, Ending with .myshopify.com EcomProductBuddy Pro Username -

Messages -

My store is completely set up following the step. We are request access and OJMD activation Thank You

We will take a look at your store and if there is anything we will email you. However if there is nothing, you will not get an email reply from us. You can go over to running ads.


Once you get your first order, You may now request OJMD to start fulfillment. This is only done once for your first order, After that, you do not need to send an email if you get another order for your store. After you get your first sale. Send that email again, For partner access. Using the following template


Email to - partners@ojmdsolutions.com

Name - Store URL - ( use your Shopify URL, Ending with .myshopify.com EcomProductBuddy Pro Username -

Messages - We got our first sale, Please kindly request access to begin fulfillment Thank You

After this email, a request will be sent to your store, You will also get an email about this, Please accept our partner request and your orders will not be fulfilled by our OJMD dropshipping services


We have a special support group for all OJMD Dropshippers! Once you complete your onboarding, You can now join the group. Once you have been accepted into the group, You may now start running ads! Join the OJMD DROPSHIPPERS GROUP

As a new member, we have prepared an onboarding for you. This will help you know how to navigate around OJMD and how to use your dashboard in any case. Please take the onboarding tutorial we have prepared: Click this link https://ojmduniversity.com/p/ojmd-dropshipping-on-boarding


The following video is for those that do not have a store. If you do not have a store and would like to know how to set up one. Watch the video guide below: Part 1 & 2

Have more questions? Feel free to comment below!