OJMD Tech Launch Shopify OTP Order Confirmation App

It's another great news for all of us here at OJMD, especially in the tech department. It is our goal to continue making e-commerce as seamless as possible for everyone. Our tech team has released its 2nd Shopify after launching the OJMD Vibrnium Dropshipping App.

Order sentry is a fully automated order verification app with OTP. We have noticed that entrepreneurs in the Philippines do struggle with order confirmation especially when offering cash on delivery. You have to hire VAs to call the customer and confirm their numbers and all. This is why we have created an Order sentry to help entrepreneurs verify orders and phone numbers automatically.

After someone places an order on your site, They get a text containing a link to the OTP page, Once they get to the OTP page they will enter the OTP number to verify their orders with your store. This will help you fulfill orders faster without having to call customers.

Order Sentry comes with 200 FREE SMS for everyone who installs the app. The app subscription is only $18.99 and charges PHP0.50 per SMS - one of the cheapest if not the cheapest rate.

Order sentry is also fully customizable including the text and SMS sender ID. We are so confident that this will help reduce the stress of verifying order phone numbers. Order Sentry will be deployed for WooCommerce before the end of 2020.

You can find out more about Order Sentry by visiting the Official Website. The tutorials on how to use Order Sentry will be available on OJMD University YouTube channel from November 15, 2020.


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