Payment Gateways To Use In The Philippines When Selling Via Shopify

Updated: Aug 13

We all want a profitable business and sometimes we face huge challenges. One of them is the dreaded PAYMENT GATEWAY! We all want to get our money fast and easy without much stress. In this blog, we will suggest some payment gateways you might use if you are selling via Shopify and located in the Philippines.

When looking for a gateway, The first thing to consider is your target market. There are a lot of purchasing behaviours out there and your customers will determine the gateway. You want to offer them something that they are familiar with and very comfortable with. So lets head down

1. CASH ON DELIVERY: Cash on delivery is the #1 gateway in the Philippines, It has its advantages and disadvantages. Filipinos love shopping via COD and once you target the Philippines market and offer cash on delivery, You are sure to make more sales. However, it does come with its disadvantages such as fake orders, RTS, cancellations, and other factors. This gateway is only perfect in some regions, In this case, it is perfect if your customers are Filipinos.

2. PAYPAL BUSINESS: This is another familiar gateway among Filipino shoppers, Paypal makes it easy to send and receive money and it integrates with a lot f Filipino mobile wallets such as GCash. Paypal can also be integrated into the Shopify platform, making it easy for you to use it as a gateway.

Paypal can also process debit or credit cards, You simply need to upgrade your account from personal to business and start accepting payments. The disadvantage here is that there are some limits on PayPal and sometimes, Your funds might be held if you do not possess the right business registration documents. PayPal cannot be trusted in the long run.

3. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - PAYMAYA: This is new! Paymaya launched its credit card platform or processing branch, This means that merchants can process credit or debit cards via Shopify and get their money in their PayMaya account. However, this is not open to everyone since the requirements are a little bit hard to complete for starters. There is also a screening process that you have to undergo to get signed up. To apply for this gateway, you can CLICK HERE

4. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - PAYTABS: Paytabs is another one in the fold! it is an awesome gateway and the signup process walkthrough is pretty simple. it can also integrate with Shopify seamlessly. One of their requirement is that you need to have a business bank account to make this work. You can sign up for PAYTABS HERE

5. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - 2Checkout: 2checkout is another option to use if you are dropshipping and your customers are from abroad. The signup process is easy but it might take weeks to approve. Make sure you complete all the requirements they need to fasten the review and approval process

6. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - STRIPE: Stripe is officially not available in the Philippines. However, you can still use Stripe as a gateway for your Shopify store. This is one of the trusted gateways and i personally recommend it. To use stripe, you need to have a US registered company or an LLC. Getting this is easy. You can READ THE GUIDE HERE.

There is also another way to use Stripe. It is called Stripe Atlas. Stripe will help you set up your own LLC, a bank account and also an EIN and you are ready to go! The whole process costs $500. Read more on Stripe Atlas HERE

There are a lot of options but that depends on the location of the merchant. If you are a local merchant and your customers are just Filipinos, We recommend you keep COD as your gateway. The Philippines market or shoppers are not yet accustomed to using credit cards or debit cards online. In fact, not everyone has access to that. If you would like to reach the majority of the population, COD is the King in the Philippines

Do you know other gateways? Let us know in the comments.


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