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OJMD Importation Service: Easy Imports From China

As business owners, one of the most challenging things is souring products and stocking up your items. We live in a country and world where we now see China as one of the world's top economic zones and that includes imports and export. Let's not forget that the biggest sourcing companies are in China as well as the biggest dropshipping website. I am referring to Alibaba and Aliexpress!

In the Philippines, we are just close to China, So we can easily get products there right?. Well, that is not always the case. In the Philippines, the biggest challenge is the customs and clearance when importing items. Almost every online sellers think that everything is in Divisoria or Shopee or Lazada but that is not really the case. Everything is in China actually.

The eCommerce space is so saturated that everyone ends up selling the same thing because items are local and eventually get saturated. The successful store's source items from abroad - Items not easily found locally, This will give you an edge against competitors.


The reason why not everyone can just import items from abroad is that obviously not everyone can do it, especially small businesses.

  1. Custom Duties

  2. Import Taxes

  3. Shipping Time

  4. Expensive Shipping Costs

  5. Limited Quantity - To Avoid Custom Issues

  6. High Supplier MOQ

All these things contribute to the issues businesses face when they are trying to buy items from sites like Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com or banggood.com or chinabrands.com. So, how can you fix this, Assuming you find items you want to sell but it is only available abroad, how can you get this winning item with minimal costs? This is where OJMD comes in


We offer a comprehensive range of tailor-made sourcing services aimed at facilitating and streamlining your business in China. We have a reliable network that reaches out to the best suppliers in China. Our team uses their expertise and experience to ensure that you minimize expenses, mitigate associated risks, and secure transactions for an unequivocal supply chain in China.

With OJMD Sourcing, You have the ability to:

  1. Import Items From China In Days

  2. 100% FREE Customs Clearance - Pick Up At Warehouse

  3. Low MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity

  4. 50% Payment Support

  5. FREE Shipping from China


OJMD import service will help you import items from China, the item arrives at our warehouse for your pick up and payment - depending on the payment options. All you need to do is to fill up our PRODUCT SOURING FORM. After we have received your sourcing form information, we will source the products for you and get a quote for you. An email will be sent with our quote within 72hrs. Once okay, you may proceed to payments


1. Search Your Item: Search for the item you want to import from abroad on international websites like Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com or Chinabrands.com Shopee Or Lazada. Once you have the item URL. Save it

2. Fill Out Sourcing Form: You can now fill out the sourcing form with the product details you have. such as the name and link. You can find the sourcing form by following the link. https://www.ojmdsolutions.com/sourcing

3. Wait For A Quote: Once we have received your sourcing request. A quote will be sent to you within 72hrs [ Working days only not weekend ]

4. Pay For Your Order: You can now make payment for your order based on the payment method you choose. For an easy and smooth import process. OJMD offers flexible payment options.

  • a. FULL PAYMENT: In this one, you pay the full payment as we have quoted. The quote contains the final figure including shipping fees. You have to pay the full figure before we proceed with the import process.

  • b. DOWN PAYMENT 50%: This is another method, You can pay 50% of the total cost and pay the remaining 50% once your item is at our warehouse.

Example Calculation With 50% Downpayment Method:

Total import cost + shipping = ₱20,000

50% Downpayment = ₱ 10,000

We will now charge 5% of the total cost. We add the 5% surcharge on your total import cost first. The calculation will be as follows:

Total import cost = ₱20,000

5% Surcharge = ₱1,000

Total Costs = ₱21,000

Downpayment = 50% of ₱21,000 = ₱10,500

Using this method, Your initial payment will now be ₱10,500 before importing and the balance will now be ₱10,500 after imports and items are already in our possession in the Philippines.

6. Order Delivery: Once your order has arrived, You may pick it up from our warehouse or have it delivered to your location [ additional shipping fee ]. If you want OJMD to fulfill your orders, You may leave the items at our fulfillment hub and we will send you the FULFILLMENT BY OJMD Agreement Form

Got questions? Please feel free to comment or contact us

Start importing? Fill up the SOURCING FORM HERE

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