Tired of Shopify 3 page checkout?  This solution is for you.  In this 3 part video, I will show how to set up your Shopify page and increase your conversion 5 - 10% UP


Shopify basic checkout is really annoying and you might lose sales because of that. By the time you are done with this, You will be able to bring in all the steps on one page! 



  • PHP780 a Month plugin 
  • Have a PayPal account to pay for it 
  • Have a Shopify store 


IS IT EXPENSIVE? NO! You can cover that with 1 Kaching on your store 


What is included in the 4 part video?

  1. Walkthrough and introduction of the service 
  2. Install and setup the service 
  3. Customize your checkout 
  4. Install pixel [ No not just pixel ID ] We will show you how to convert your pixel to an external JS file that will load on the page and track your conversions 


WITH A 1 PAGE Checkout and A WINNING ITEM,  Your conversion rate is ROCKETS!!!! 



Shopify One Page Checkout [ Setup Guide ]


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